Affordable Housing

EVERYONE deserves a chance to live in a clean, comfortable home.  But none more than vulnerable widowed and single seniors living on Old Age Pension.  There's a sense of urgency in Bonavista, NL for affordable housing.  Seniors have had to leave their homes and find a monthly rental because of the high cost of upkeep, increased electricity costs, increase in food expenses.  Everything is going up except their pensions.  Sadly, monthly rentals are being repurposed into Air BnB's at an alarming rate and these vulnerable individuals are at risk of homelessness unless we do something and soon.  Where will it all end?   We're working on it, stay tuned for updates.....

Thanks to the Community Housing Transformational Centre for funding our Strategic Plan/Feasibility Study, Community Outreach Coordinator and Consultant/Engineer for the RHI Application.  Hope Jamieson has been a wonderful influence, facilitator and advocate for our affordable housing initiative.

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